Send free sms from online

Send Free SMS to Mobile Without Registration

Post by mnoyn

There are so many websites that do provide sending free SMS, but you have to gothrough registration process and creepy advertisements. Even this registration and advertisement is not wrong as they are allowing you to send free SMS. But there are number of websites that do allow to send free SMS without registration with almost no advertisement.

Here is the list of 5 best experienced Free SMS without Registration that allows you to sendfree SMS
Bollywoodmotions, Send Free SMS:

Free SMS Across India with Bollywood Motion

*.It does not ask for registration or Login
*.Allows 500 Charactersper sms.
*.Real time message Delivery Report
*.No advertisement include in messages
*.High Speed Message Delivery System

AFreeSMS, Send Free SMS with No Registration:
to send International SMS
It is very similar to the Bollywoodmotion and provides almost same features but it offers to send SMS around the world.
*.No Registration
*.FREE International Text Message .
*.Incredibly fast SMS Service
FunFreak, Free SMS and Radio:
FunFreak Send Free SMS

*.Free SMS
*.Free Radio
*.Free Games
*.Discuss on Forum
*.Very Easy to use
eFreeSMS, Send Free SMS with No Advertisements:
eFreeSMS to send Free International SMS

*.Free SMS to any mobile around the world
*.No registration
*.No Advertisement
muftsms, Send Free SMS:
*.Free SMS
*.No Registration
*.Easy to Use
*.Beware of too many Ads


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