hack ur symbian phone

Symbian S60 phone, you will
most likely be aware of the fact
that it is not possible to install
applications on it unless they are
signed using a valid certificate.
Have you been trying to install
applications on your S60 3rd or
5th edition phone but ending up
getting a certificate error? At
times, this can be really
annoying, but here is a smart
solution to this problem!
Here in this post, I will show you
how to hack your Symbian S60
3rd or 5th edition smartphone,
so as to modify the phone’s
firmware and completely bypass
the mandatory signing
requirement. So, once you are
done with this one time hack,
you should be able to install any
compatible application including
unsigned and those with an
expired certificate.
What is the Need for Signing
From the 3rd edition onwards,
all the Symbian S60 applications
need to be signed in order to
ensure their integrity, so that it
would not be possible for a
third party to tamper with the
application. Also, signing ensures
that you always install
applications from a trusted
However, there are many
freeware and beta applications
that come unsigned as the
developers cannot afford to buy
a symbian certificate. Hence, it
can be a real nightmare for the
users who need to install such
applications on their phones. So,
here is a step-by-step procedure
to hack your phone and
permanently disable this
security feature:
1. Download HelloOX2
V2.03 or the latest
version from the
HelloOX2 Ofiicial
HelloOX2 is an excellent
tool to hack Symbian S60
3rd, 5th and Symbian^3
smartphones which makes
it possible to install a root
certificate by gaining full
access to the phone’s
system files. With this
capability, you can install
anything you want on
your phones without the
need to worry about the
annoying certificate error!
2. The signed version of
HelloOX2 demands for a
donation and hence, only
the unsigned version is
available for free
download. So, if you have
the unsigned version, you
need to sign it before
installing on your phone.
In order to sign any
application, you need to
have the certificate and
the key file which can be
obtained as follows:
Go to the OPDA
Website, get
registered and login to
your account.
Click on the “Apply
Certificate” tab, enter
the model number and
the IMEI of your phone
and then click on
“Submit and Upload”
It will usually take up
24 hours for your
certificate and key file
to be generated and
uploaded. To check the
status of your
certificate click on “My
Certificate” tab. If the
certificate is ready for
the download, you will
see something as
OPDA Certificate Status
Download the
certificate and the key
file on to your
computer. Also
download the
tool to sign your
HelloOX2 application.
Open the SisSigner, load
the HelloOX2.sis,
certificate and the key
file as shown below
and click on “Sign”.
Leave the “Key File
Password” field blank.
Hack S60 Phones
Your HelloOX2
application is now
signed and ready for
the installation.
3. Install the signed HelloOX2
application on your phone
and run it to start the
hacking process, which is
completely automatic.
Within a minute your
phone will be hacked. Once
this is done, say goodbye
to the annoying certificate
error and install any
I hope you like this post. Express
your opinion through
comments. Enjoy!


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